Friday, June 12, 2009

Is the Big Apple ready for this girl from The Mitten?

It's my last day in the Mitten!! Well, I suppose that I technically have another HALF of a day, but I'm not really going to count that. I'm so excited to go to New York!! I have to admit, I'm a bit nervous too...Becky will be working three days during the week, so I'm on my own and if you know me, you will probably remember a time when you had to give me directions and I got mixed up or lost or called you eight different times while driving and trying to figure out if I was going the right there is a small group of people (namely, Luke & my parents - but they may have seen one too many LAW & ORDER's...) who are worried that I'll get lost and end up somewhere I shouldn't be.

I'll admit, I'm a bit nervous and scared for those few days, but I also feel like I'll be okay. My sister doesn't seem worried at all, and we're going to go over the things that I want to do while I'm there and decide which ones I'll do on my own and which ones she'll do with me. I'm going to work on memorizing the subway trains so I'll know which ones to take and which ones will take me where.

Here's my list (so far!) of things that I want to do, but please feel free to add things to it that you think I should do! I'll take pictures at each place and post 'em as I go (if I remember my camera cord!)...
  1. Times Square (by far, my absolute favorite place in NYC, I could just spend every night walking around here!)
  2. The Guggenheim (Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit!)
  3. Metropolitan Museum of Art
  4. Magnolia Bakery
  5. Edgar Allen Poe Greenwich Village Tour
  6. TV & Movie Set Tour
  7. East Side Village Bar Crawl
  8. Canal Street (Can I interest you in a fake Gucci?)
  9. Central Park (John Lennon Memorial, FRIENDS fountain, Boathouse!)
  10. Starlight Cafe (I heard the waitstaff sings to you!)
  11. Chelsea Art District (FREE Galleries!)
  12. St. Patrick's Cathedral (are Baptist's allowed? JUST KIDDING!!)
  13. Rockerfeller Center
  14. Empire State Building
  15. The TODAY SHOW
  16. New York Botanical Gardens
  17. Fifth Avenue (did someone say Chanel?)
  18. South Street Seaport (Street performers!)
  19. Big Apple Barbeque Block Party (apparently it's the nation's largest block party ever!)
  20. Come Out and Play! (I'm ready to unleash my inner sixth grader all over Manhattan!)
  21. Staten Island Ferry
  22. Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island Immigration Musuem

Okay, now I know you're thinking, "Claire! How are you ever going to manage to do ALL OF THAT in 8 days! Two of which you'll only have a half of a day because you'll have to catch a plane?!" But I want to tell those of you who are lacking in faith...JUST WAIT AND SEE! :)

Oh! And look for me on the TODAY SHOW!!

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  1. magnolia bakery, YES... get the red velvet cupcake!!! yum! also, if you find Amy's Bread... make sure your order the gooey coconut dream bar... need i say more?!?!?

    I would say also make sure you see the boathouse (and poets walk, it's unlisted... but that strip of big sidewalk lined with trees!) in central park. you would appreciate it... it's so beautiful, and sets you up for a good daydream :)

    have fun!!!