Sunday, January 10, 2010


Okay, I'm getting in trouble for being so far behind on this blog! So here is a smorgasbord of things...

1. Student Teaching
So far, so good! I'm really loving the school that I'm at and my teacher and my students. We're reading great books (Tangerine, Freak the Mighty, and coming soon...Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie, and Notes from the Midnight Driver) and the kids are so incredibly smart! I love it!! They're really funny too, I mean, I don't have any particular stories right now to explain how funny they are, but they are just really funny. lol...well...they call me Mrs. Walker, which is funny to me because clearly, I'm not a Mrs, and if I were, the last name wouldn'tbe Walker! HA!

2.Book Review
I read a book called Please...Stop Laughing At Me by Jodee Blanco. The book confronts Jodee's childhood where she was bullied by her classmates from fifth grade through twelfth grade. It was pretty good from an educator's standpoint to see how none of the adults in her life really helped her to overcome her bullies and tormentors. Her parents told her to "turn the other cheek" and sent her to a shrink while her teachers just sat by and either didn't notice or just didn't help stop it. It reminded me that as a teacher, it is my duty to help protect those who are unable to protect themselves. However, Blanco does a really good job of tooting her own horn, making herself sound like this pure, victim who did nothing wrong. And years later at a high school reunion all of her former bullies tell her how great she looks, how proud they are of her, how they're so excited that she's written books, and she simply accepts. She comes off as a pretentious snob who's incredibly annoying...however, with that said, it was a pretty good book (and a quick read!) that can serve as a great reminder to all who become involved in a childs life, be it through teaching or parenting, that we need to protect and help all children who can and do become victims of bullying.

3. Schakolad, The Chocolate Factory
Guess who loves her new job? I DO! Each Sunday I go to Ann Arbor to Schakolad and help make chocolates...truffles, nut clusters, dipped fruit, pretzels, Oreo's, marshmallows, we make it all! Want a chocolate piano? Done! Want a hot chocolate with REAL LIQUIDY chocolate on the bottom? EASY! Want to make a chocolate lollipop? Not a problem! Want to eat a milk, butterscotch, mint, cheesecake, ganache, milk chocolate, caramel truffle? Then come on by! :) I am not joking when I tell you that I am not a chocolate girl. I've never been a sweets kind of person, and never will be. But when I bite into that little square of chocolate, and the smooth truffle ganache center begins to melt like silk in my mouth, I close my eyes, and just...exist in the moment of heaven in my mouth. Nothing compares. Nothing.

You have to try this chocolate. So come by on Sunday's and visit me! Take a stroll through Ann Arbor with a hot chocolate and a truffle...or two...or three...or four!