Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Super Bowl Blog

Well, I'm getting in trouble for not writing as often as I used to, so here's a little blog to spice things up!

I'm putting off doing some actual work to write this, but I'm hoping that it will help get me in the groove for working on my computer again and doing some work! Student teaching is exhausting and I have been vegging out when I get home from school, but my goal this week is to go to the gym and then go get some soup at Panera or something and work on my unit! I have to have these two steps of it done by Thursday, and although I've got the ideas brewing around in my head, I need to focus and get them on paper!

For those who were unaware, I chaperoned the school's Valentine's Day Dance on Friday and had so much fun! I was really scared about dirty dancing, but there wasn't any, just gaggles of girls jumping up and down in beat to the music shouting out the lyrics as loud as they could. Reminded me of my own middle school dances...running to the bathroom to learn the Tootsie Roll and Butterfly, and yet, never once being able to master it. I think that years later (when I was in my early twenties) I finally figured out how to do them and then hoped that DJ's at clubs would play a nineties throwback so I could show off the moves I had finally learned! Anyways, the dance (or, "Activity Night" as it is known around school) was a lot of fun. Poor Erin got turned down by Adam to dance, Nate's ride left without him, someone stole Andy's shoes, and someone threw up in the gym...but on the plus side, I saw most of my students and knew them by name!!

Knowing a students name may not seem like such a big deal, but it actually is. For the past six weeks, I've been struggling to learn who is who, and most often, I have to resort to my seating chart. But the past few weeks I've really been making a conscious effort to call on students by name and not look at the seating chart. So then I was able to get to a point where I could picture where they sat and then I would know who they were. But when you are standing in a dark cafeteria with kids running back and forth yelling out, "Hi Mrs. Walker!" (I know, I know, but they seriously all think I'm a Mrs, even though I don't have a's too cute for me to try and correct) you don't have time to picture the seating chart. So I'm proud to say, that I was able to shout back "Hey _____!" to any of my 150 students who ran past me.

Okay, I think that's all for now. I've seriously got to do some work! Tomorrow I'm attempting to make soup from scratch, but I would love to get together with any and all of you! I'm a bit broke, so we may have to settle for a cup of coffee (on you! HA! Just kidding :) ) or, if you want a work out buddy and go to Fitness 19, then call me up!!

Have a fab day!