Friday, June 26, 2009

Suburban Life

After being home for (almost!) a full week, I've realized that I need to appreciate and love what I have right here. There is so much that makes the city so special, and there are so many reasons to love the city, but what about the suburbs? So here are the reasons that I love living in Farmington Hills...
  1. I love having a yard. Knowing that I can walk out my front or back door and step into the cool grass...mmm...what a great feeling...
  2. I love that I can jump in my car, roll the windows down, turn the radio up, and jam out while driving 80 on the freeway
  3. I love how my hair whips around my face while I'm jamming out
  4. I love that I can walk downtown on Friday nights to watch the free concerts at Riley Park
  5. I love that I don't get freaked out if some stranger talks to me.
  6. I love that everywhere I want to go is so easily accessible. There are no trains to switch, no taxis to fight for. I just drive 15 minutes and I'm where I want to be.
  7. I love that FH was ranked Safest City in 2005
  8. I love when everyone in my neighborhood congregates on my neighbor's driveway and the children all play on the huge swingset in the backyard or run around and play tag in the side yard. And all of the adults (AKA anyone who doesn't play tag or get on a swing) gather on the driveway and sit in their lawnchairs and just relax.
  9. I love that I own a car and I don't have to pay for parking
  10. I love the friendliness of people, when I drive or walk through any neighborhood, I can wave to people and they wave back.


  1. Don't forget, the city has the best ice arena on the face of the planet....and the Zam drivers are quite sexy.