Sunday, June 14, 2009

I love Brooklyn...and here's why...IN PHOTOS!

I arrive safe and sound to Brooklyn, and since I hadn't eaten anything since lunch, we ordered some DELISH New York Pizza! This is ONE SLICE!!

The Big Apple BBQ!! We didn't taste the BBQ, but we did do a great walk through!

New Yorkers are serious about honking!

Some cool places (owned by the Mafia?? You be the judge!) by my sister's apartment...

Pedicures! And only $12!!

I couldn't resist!!

A band playing in Carroll Park...

Me and my sister!

This is the park where the kid in the motorcycle helmet was dancing to the band that was playing.

It was like a mini water park inside Carroll Park!

TROUT, apparently one of the best places to eat in bad I don't like seafood!

Coffee at Le Petit!

The Singing Duo...they just walk around Brooklyn playing their guitars and singing...

...and posing for the camera!


  1. yay! I'm so glad you are having such a good time! I was gonna text you and tell you to eat some NYC pizza for me, but you're on top of it!

    The pic of you and Becky is adorable! Such beautiful sisters!

    Miss you friend!

  2. Claire! I love that picture of you and Becky! So pretty, and it looks like you are really enjoying your time there! Nice job on the blogging! I love it!!! looking forward to reading more!!!

  3. and the two guys playing guitar... priceless, and maybe a "only in NYC" moment :)

  4. YAYAYA for blogging in NYC! Love the pics, you and your sis are gorgeous!!!

  5. Hey! Sell some ChickBait while you're there! I see a lot of cool little shops you should hit up!!
    Guess Who...