Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Taking a bite out of the Big Apple...5th Ave to be exact!

Bryant Park

Grand Central Station, also, the site where many scenes from I AM LEGEND was filmed!

New York Public Library!

This little girl was so adorable! She had on 2 pairs of sunglasses, and kept grabbing more and more accessories to load onto the stroller!!

Note the hair clips on the sides of the stroller...

Look behind the taxi's for the parade of police cars!!

St. Patrick's Cathedral

Pigeons get so close to people here! They are so not afraid of anything!

As proof, Becky got as close as she could handle...


Right after I was spritzed with $400 Limited Edition Versace Perfume...I'm not planning on washing my wrists anytime soon...

Becky's $258 Juicy Couture dress...couldn't it have been $200 cheaper?

The waterfall inside Trump Tower

It's like Where's Waldo?, if you look close enough you can find the little woman and little man to know which bathroom is for women and which is for the men!


  1. wowsers! i can't wait til you get back! I wanna hear ALL about your trip!

  2. claire! i just need to tell you how impressed I am with your blog during your vacay!!!

    it's awesome to vicariously live via your adventures! also... i LOVE that green shirt you're wearing in the pics... too cute!!!

    and... i love the differences in your faces in your versace pics... becky is about tolerating, and you couldn't be happier to be there! love it!

    enjoy the time you have left there! See you soon!

  3. What an amazing trip!!! I'm loving how much you are blogging by the way, keep it up!=) And enjoy the rest of your trip!