Thursday, June 18, 2009

Well, since the weather was so crummy today, we didn't venture out anywhere. Instead, we just hung out at the apartment, watched BRIDE WARS, went to brunch at Le Petit and drank coffee & mimosa's (yum!), and vegged out in our pajama's! It's been a great, lazy day so far.

I've always loved New York. I think that it's the hustle and bustle, the energy, the way that everyone is out doing something, going somewhere. These are usually the things that people hate about New York. They miss the slowness of the suburbs or country. They don't want to be surrounded by hundreds of people. Sure, it's overwhelming, I won't lie about that. THere were times this week when I was on my own that I felt completely overwhelmed and unsure of what to do with myself or where to go. I got a little lost, I wandered into shops, I bought Dior on 5th Avenue, I wore $400 Versace Limited Edition perfume, I did things that I wouldn't normally be able to do if I was home in Farmington Hills, and you know what? I loved it.

I love that there are tons of little shops sprinkled on each block, that restaurants open the windows and doors so even if you're inside, you're still outside. I love that the grocery stores put flowers and fruit and vegetables on tables outside their shop. I love that there are umbrella holders in shops. I get scared getting on the subway, worrying that I'm taking the wrong one even though it says F: TO MANHATTAN, which is exactly where I want to go. I get scared when weirdo's get on the subway and you have to move from where you were sitting. But at the same time, I love the thrill of it!

At the same time, I miss home. I miss my friends and the fun things that we do together. I miss my family. I miss my boyfriend so much, I miss his dog, I miss the little things that we do together. Whether it's cooking out or going for walks. I have so much fun with him...

New York has this way of just making me feel like I've found a place that fulfills that little part of my heart...but maybe I don't have to move here, maybe I can find myself a mini-New York somewhere else...somewhere closer to home...

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  1. Aww friend, you are such a fabulous writer!!! Enjoy the rest of your time, miss you!=)