Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Going Up!

Yes, two in one day my beloved readers! But this was so funny, I couldn't keep it from you!

Yesterday I was in my building at school and opted to take the elevator from the sixth floor to the third floor. So I pressed DOWN and waited. The doors to the elevator on the far left opened with a DOWN arrow highlighted, so I got in and pressed three as I realized that the two young men on board were fervently pressing seven. I looked at them and after a minute or so they said, "We need to go to seven...but it just stopped at six."

I grinned and in a good sarcastic, funny tone said, "Oh, well don't you know that this one only goes down?" haha! I'm laughing, that was a funny comment!! But they don't really laugh...instead they kind of half smile as the doors open on five and another young man gets on, they say
, "Really? This one only goes down?"

Thinking that they're picking up what I'm putting down, I say, "Oh yeah! It doesn't go up, just down!"

The third man looks at the two of them and at me and as the doors open on four he says, "Really? I didn't realize that!" As the two boys get off they say, "Hey! Which one goes up?"

At this point, I should really tell them that they all go up AND down, but instead I say, "The one at the far end only goes up!" They call out "Thanks!" and head down there as a girl gets on. As we continue down to the third floor the third man in the elevator says, "Man, I had no idea that this elevator only goes down!" To which the girl replies, "Really??? Which ones goes up?"

I swear, I did not make up one word of this story. It happened yesterday...and it's 100% truth...


  1. I'm sorry! I don't know why the font stayed so huge! It doesn't look like that when I post it!!!

  2. You so crazy.

    I believe it. There's a lot of stupid heads out there, and it's your job now to fix them :)

    Your friend made great comments. Why did you quit your full time job in the first place? Get your butt out there :) It's harsh, and scary, but once you get into it you'll be a pro in no time. People wouldn't call you Ultimate Claire unless they meant it!