Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Poem...but not my own!!

Today is the National Day of Writing. So in honor of that, I am using my last seven minutes in the computer lab to share a poem with you...perhaps later I will write something...this is a poem by a poet that I'm beginning to study, I hope you like it!! :)

A Valentine for Ben Franklin Who Drives a Truck in California

by Diane Wakoski

I cut the deck
and found a magician
driving a mack truck
down the California grapevine.
His eyes were glistening Japanese beetles,
and his hands were surveyors of the moon.
He pulled a carnation
out of his sleeve,
and offered me a ride.
I took the flower and said I was leaving
to be an illusionist. He said
he specialized in cards
and sleight of hand.
I touched his mouth and ears
with my lips,
“Keep on truckin,”
I said.
But he laughed and told me a bedtime story.
His body was an elm.
His mouth was filled with grapes.
His hands turned my body into new honey.

Now I am home alone,
reading directions
for sawing a beautiful woman in half.
First you start with a mirror . . . .

Before I turn down
the crisp sheets of my bed,
I shuffle the tarot deck.
But the magician is missing.
Is he
still driving the freeways of California?
Or is he
only an illusion
in my own

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