Friday, October 9, 2009

I love subbing???

Sooo...I had my first day of subbing today, and it wasn't really that bad! I was really nervous because I have never subbed before, but it turns out that I didn't really have any reason to be nervous...or did I??

First Hour: The kids come in, the bell rings, I begin to take attendance and one student walks out. Hmmm...okay...I close the door to the room and continue to take attendance. I tell the kids, "if you need to leave, please let me know so I can sign your planner." They all say okay. She comes back in and goes to backpack and begins rummaging around. I say, "What's going on here? I need you to sit down so we can get started." She says, "I'm looking for my phone like I done BEEN doing for the past five minutes! What are you, retarded??" And walks out again. I go over to the phone to call the office and she walks back in and goes back to her desk, so I put the phone down. She moves to leave again, and I block her path saying, "You need to either sit down to do your work, or go to the office." And this delightful young girl says, "Get OUTTA my WAY!" and walks out. I called the principal, she called security. Security called her mom. She left for the day.

Second Hour: No issues!! The kids were great!!

Third Hour: I take attendance and tell the kids to put their phones and iPods away. One student keeps her phone out and keeps checking it and I keep telling her to put it away. In hindsight, I should've taken it away and I know that now. Anyways, after awhile the phone rings and the health center asks for me to send her to their office. I tell her that she needs to head down there and after five minutes of screwing around she finally gets her stuff together to go down. She comes over to me and asks if she can call her mom ion her cell. I suggest she wait until she gets down to the health office, but she says that she needs to call her BEFORE she gets to the office. Now, my better judgement says NO WAY!! however...I want to point out that she had this weird gross looking rash thingy all over her arms, and I thought that maybe it was about that...dumb. I know. I should never have fallen for it, and I've DEFINITELY learned my lesson!! She steps into the hall and her friend follows her. I go out there to bring the friend back inside when I hear her saying, "Look girl! You do NOT know me! Stop calling me..." there were a few other choice words used that I'll leave out. Lucky (?) for me a teacher, and two security guards were walking down the hall and helped to get the girls back in the classroom. After that, she called me "sweetie" and "honey" the rest of the hour, but no more problems.

Fourth Hour: Fabulous. No issues!!!

Fifth Hour: We went to the media center so the kids could type up their character development stories. I went around to make sure that everyone knew what they supposed to be doing. As I walked past the last row I asked a student who hadn't typed one word if he had someone for his character story and he said, "yeah. Imma write aboutchoo." Me: "You're going to write about who??" Him: "Choo." Me: "Me? Oh great...hope it's nothing bad!" Him (under his breath): "mumble, lady...mumble, mumble." ME: errr....what?!

I had to write him up for "inappropriate language" and "gross disrespect," and I later found out that the girl from third hour got kicked out for fighting.

Welcome to high school.


  1. wow! what a day! I love that you still called the day a success even though you had some stupid girls being SO rude to you!

    This is why I'm never going to teach high school. haha....

    Congrats on surviving your first day of subbing!


  2. yikes, i can't wait for my first subbing job.

  3. Due to the gross lack of discipline at home, more and more kids are ending up like this.

    You done good kid. The day was a success for sure and great job blocking the "get outta my way girl". Too bad you couldn't smack her around :)

    PS: A Westland school teacher said to a friend of mine in a conference "You didn't hear it from me, but homeschool if you can. 80% of my day is telling kids to sit down and shut up."


  4. Today was my first day subbing too. I think it all gets better with time (I'm hoping). If not,it'll make me a better teacher. Sounds like you handled it all really well despite the craziness. Miss you lots! We need to get together and catch up soon! :)


  5. Wow what a day!! You poor thing! I can't believe how rude that girl was, but you did great!