Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Shortest Blog Thus Far

Okay, so apparently lots of people got confused on my last blog and really thought that I was quitting my job. I just want to clarify...although I WISH I could quit my job so I could go do all of those fun things, there is no way that would be possible. So, I am NOT quitting my job...

Oh my silly friends! I thought for sure you would pick up on it when I said in my last paragraph that I can afford the lifestyle if I "marry a sugar daddy!" I thought it was clear sarcasm! But I will be more cautious in the future...I don't want to spur on any other rumors of my own life! HA!

By the way, I'm moving to Denver.... NOT! Just joking! Testing your abilities...hopefully you didn't fall for that one...


  1. Hahahaha.....I'm so gald you didn't loose your mind! :o)