Sunday, August 16, 2009

Beat the Heat...

I'm staying at Luke's while he's in Ludington at a Disc Golf Tournament, trying to get his birth for the State Championship Tournament over Labor Day Weekend. I thought it would be perfect because I could walk his dog for like, an hour and get my cardio in for the day. But it was so hot on Friday, that I walked with Julianne instead (I got in trouble for not bringing my band-aids...I've been getting MONSTER blisters!), and then on Saturday, it was still super duper hot, so I waited until like, 7 to walk her but it was still so hot that she could only do a short walk. So we went 1.4 miles and that was it. So today, I bought myself some NEW sneakers (Nike's..."Compete," they're, grey, pink & white!), and decided to go to the fitness center at Luke's apartment complex.

Which would've worked out fabulously, if only I could figure out where he put the card to get INTO the fitness center! It's 91 degrees outside (feels like 95 according to the Weather Channel) so it's waaaaaay too hot to go walking outside, and I could wait until later, like yesterday, but I don't know what time Luke will be back instead, I'm going to watch some TV, drink a Bud Light, take a shower, and trot around in my new clothes...don't you judge me!! HA!


  1. girl. today i said to my friend, "there is a thin line between making good decisions and only living once"... some days you just have to embrace the only living once part... but... i can't wait to see the new kicks! new shoes are new shoes!