Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Push It REEEAAL Good!

Sometimes I need people in my life to push me to do the things that I need and want to do. Especially when it comes guessed it...EXERCISE!! If ever a genie offered to give me three wishes, no strings attached, one of my wishes would be to just become naturally toned & muscular. Then I wouldn't have to work out ever, unless I wanted to, but I would always look like I just did 700 crunches and 500 pull ups! Alas, my dream will never come true, so I go to my trainer and she busts my butt (which I definitely asked for, and am glad!) and then I get toned up!

Although I can't say that I've lost "a ton of weight," I have noticed upper arms have definition. In fact, a month ago I could barely do 3 leg pull up thingies in the King's Chair, but now I can do 15 in a row! My quads are stronger and more toned, and my belly is a flatter and the love handles are smaller than a month ago and let me tell you what...when you've had a bit of a muffin top for 2 years and then it goes away, it feels GRRRRREEEEEAAAAAT!!

So great, in fact, that I bought jeans from the junior section at Kohl's for the first time in three years! And guess what? THEY FIT! No sucking the stomach in to button them, no trying to figure out what top will hide the tummy, they I'm so excited about it! Seriously, I'm really stoked. I'm not joking, I was so excited that I literally wore them four days in a row, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. I still haven't washed them because I have this small fear that if I do, then the magic that made them fit will leave and I won't be able to fit into them anymore. But that's pretty unrealistic, because, let's face it, I'm dropping weight like it's hot and they will definitely still fit me after a good cleaning (which they REALLY need)!

So, again, I feel the need to express some thanks for getting to this stage. I seriously would not have began to get my work out on if it wasn't for some key people: Becky, my fab sister who hooked me up with a personal trainer at her gym Club CKO, without even really asking me if I wanted it, lol, which was smart of her! Thanks to her, I met Lenore, my personal trainer at CKO, who worked me so hard that I swear I left my leg muscles at the gym because I walked like a little old lady for two days! But then I went back for session two and retrieved them. Lenore really made me see that I could do everything I needed to in order to tone up and lose weight. She showed met that it wasn't impossible. I am not kidding around when I say that she was half of the catalyst (Becky is the other half!) for getting me to where I am today. Without Lenore I would probably still be spending my evenings sitting around like a human sized sloth. Instead, I'm walking, biking, and strength training. And thanks to Joe, who owns Club CKO, I was allowed to take part in any of the classes while I was visiting free of charge...I probably should've taken him up on that offer! I saw a class taught by an instructor named Chet, and it looked TOUGH, but he seemed like he'd only push you to do what you maybe next time (soon, I hope!!) I can take that one.

Of course, there's my new trainer, Pam, whom I really hope I can afford to continue seeing after I start school in September. She's been so great, there for me both physically and emotionally. I can talk to her about being discouraged and she's so great at lifting me and pointing out the accomplishments that I've made. She's also the best accountability person I've ever had...from going over what I'm going to do when I leave my sessions with her, to the almost daily emails that I get!

So I also have my friends who walk with me and my boyfriend, who reminds me that I didn't want to snack and will pull me off the couch to walk instead, and my family who says, "good for you!" everytime I go to the gym, especially at 6am!

So thanks to everyone for being so fabulous and wonderful and helping to get me started! And hey! I'm always up for a walk if you are!


  1. Congrats on the new jeans girl!!! You are working so hard and I am super proud of you!

  2. can't wait to see your skinny ass tomorrow! xoxo!