Monday, December 21, 2009

It's been far too long...

Oh my dear friends! I have left you wandering without me for far too long! It's time for a little update on the life of Claire Walker...are you ready??

1. I finished the semester and let me tell you, it wasn't as rough as I thought. Well, looking back on it, I can now safely say that. But during the last two weeks of school, I was a crying, grouchy mess!! Now I'm just waiting for my professors to post my finals grades...I've only got two in so far, both are A-...but was there really any doubt? haha!!

2. I picked up a somewhat part time job working with my friend Phil at his Schakolad Chocolate Factory in Ann Arbor, so I've been spending the past few days making chocolate!! Truffles, Oreo's, pretzels, pecan clusters, cherry clusters, almond clusters, macadamia clusters, pecan clusters! You name it, I either made it or cupped it! (Cupping is a very technical terms which means "To place a chocolate in it's paper holder") I'm really liking it there, and am crossing my fingers that they'll keep me on after the holiday choco-craze is over!

3. I cornered my brother tonight and made him tell what he'll be doing as a Field Artillary Officer. Needless to say, I'm scared for him, but I'm also really proud of him. He's a strong man who makes solid, smart decisions. I have no doubt that he will rise above and beyond the call of duty and lead his men in a way that will benefit them and their mission. I want to say this about him too...I think that it takes someone very strong in all aspects of the body (mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc) to want to go into battle. I'm proud to say that my brother is that strong of a person. He is serious in his endeavors and because of how committed he is to it, he does so well and receives the highests marks in everything. He will be an amazing Lieutenant. I am VERY proud to be his sister! Oh, and when he is deployed, you'd better write to him and send him goodies whether you are a great baker (Meredith) or an...inexperienced one (Lindsey!! lol)...or I'm going to personally come over and kick your butt! :)

4. I am broke as a joke still, and it's really not too funny! lol...but, I've managed to piece together some pretty good Christmas gifts! For Luke, I got...PSYCH!! Yeah right! I'm not gonna put that up here! You'll have to wait until AFTER Christmas!

5. I student teach in January!! WOO HOO!! I'm terrified, and nervous, and excited, and scared, and exhilirated, and happy! I'll be teaching regular and advanced Language Arts in a seventh grade classroom!

6. I just counted 25 exclamation I think that I have a little pent up excitement over everything, lol...and on that note, I'll just say:



  1. 1. I knew you could do it! You're almost done!!!

    2. Claire, a chocolate factory? How totally awesome. I'm going to call you Willy Wonka from now on, or at least until you don't work there anymore. haha

    3. I'm scared for your brother too. But like you said, it's admirable what he's doing. It takes a really strong person to want to be a part of that. He'll always be in my thoughts. :-)

    4. I hope you get your xmas gifts soon! lemme know when you do!

    5. You will be an amazing teacher. Just remember, kids will love you if you treat them with respect and don't talk to them like they're idiots. Also, I've got some fun lesson plans if you want, I can send em your way!

    6. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    one, two, three, and I've already lost count.

  2. Congrats on finishing the semester friend! Can you meet sometime next week for breakfast or lunch? We need to catch up!
    Maybe I'll have Garth bake treats for Nate, they may come out better!=)